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Teddy Bear Comforts crying child.

Click here for more Teddy Bear SuccessesAuto Donations help fire department

Thinking about donating your old auto? Your California auto donation can help a child when he or she needs it most.

Your auto, car, van, truck, RV, motorcycle or any vehicle donation helps comfort children in crisis.
Fast Nationwide Pickup for auto donation. Fastest auto donation pickup in California.

Teddy Bear Cops™ Auto Donation Charity

An auto donation to the Teddy Bear Cops™ Program would be a great way to save on your taxes this year. Your donation will not only get that old auto off your driveway, or out of your garage, but your tax deductible donation will help kids during crisis situations.

Our pickup and turnaround time for your auto donation in California exceeds all other states. Visit this page to find our more about a car donation in California and the various pick up locations when you donate your car.

What will happen to your Auto Donation?

Your old car, truck, boat, motorcycle, RV or other vehicle will not be junked.

You can turn that vehicle into a bunch of teddy bears to help children in crisis.

Our country's resources are not wasted.

You will receive an official (under seal) tax receipt for your auto donation. And remember, the fair market value of your donated auto is not always determined, only, by its blue book value. Needless to say however, your tax receipt is a valuable document, and should be kept in a safe place for a period of three years. If you lose your tax receipt, please email us immediately for another.

PLEASE FILL OUT our Auto Donation Form and the process will begin.

Soon after you send in your auto donation form you will receive auto donation instructions to get your questions answered about your auto donation. Fast pickup nationwide is available to those who complete their Auto Donation Form and submit it to us; such form, however, does not obligate you to use our service. We encourage your auto donation in California.

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We recommend you visit to find out all the information about auto donations.
If you have an old motorcycle this charity accepts them.
Boats can be picked up by this charity all over the United States.